As trends come and go, some are bound to appeal to you more than others. Have you been interested in installing a tile backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom? Well, first of all, that’s a great idea! A backsplash is a great way to show off your and your home’s personality. Whether you like a modern and minimalist approach, or something more fun and colorful, we can help here at ItalMarble!

So, you want a new backsplash.


Typically, a backsplash is an additional stone or ceramic tile covering the wall between countertops and the cabinets. If it doesn’t cover the entire countertop region, a backsplash usually adds a fun accent piece behind the bathroom sink or kitchen stove, which can also make cleanup easier. Since the kitchen and bathroom are some of the most trafficked areas of the home, interesting and fun designs can add some much-needed flair or pizzaz that was missing beforehand.


bathroom vanities


Where can you add tile?


Backsplashes can go beyond the stove or kitchen sink. A practical approach? They can be installed anywhere water can stain or damage the wall. So, they’re the perfect addition to bathrooms too! You can surround the bathtub or shower with a tile backsplash, preventing water damage while looking great. Depending on the type of tile that you use, the ambiance of the room can change!


Types of tile.


While there are endless color combinations and shapes to choose from, here at ItalMarble, we specialize in a few of them. Our team has years of design experience for backsplashes made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, and mosaic tiles. Furthermore, we can work with your home layout to add these tiles to floors, walls, and accent pieces throughout the home.


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Designing your tile backsplash.


We can turn your dream home a reality here at ItalMarble. We can assist you with the designing and planning of your tile backsplashes. If you want something durable and quality, ceramic tiles are the way to go. If you want an option more modern and sleek, glass tiles can transform any home area. Or, if you have granite or stone countertops and want to continue that look, we can do that too!




With decades of experience, our professionals will help you create the perfect solution that provides durability with affordability and jaw-dropping effects.


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