Granite countertops have been the number one choice for homeowners for decades. As the preferred location for kitchen showrooms in MA, you can believe that our team at ItalMarble has seen it all. From the quickest trends to the longest in-demand materials, there is a wealth of knowledge to be found here.

Granite countertops, for example, offer some of the best durability, easiest maintenance, and a wide range of colors and textures, making this stone one of the highest requested for homeowners. Oh, and did we mention the endless options available with the design? Currently trending is one of our favorite designs of all time – the waterfall island. Jaw-dropping, breathtaking, and undoubtedly inspiring, this one design that every homeowner should consider – here’s why.


There’s something to be said about modern simplicity.

Even in the most intricate of kitchens, the simplicity offered by the waterfall design blends seamlessly. With a 90-degree angle heading towards the floor instead of a hard stop at the countertop edge, the flow creates a focal point of beauty and function.


Yes, we said your countertops will function for you.

In any kitchen, the countertops must be functional. With waterfall countertops, you have exceptional functionality, especially in busy homes. The kitchen tends to be the central location for gatherings – everyday and special occasion. A waterfall edge is one of the most robust, most durable options with the greatest resistance to scratches, scuffs, and chips. And – it’s easier to clean than your traditional wood siding! Perfect in every way if you ask us!


Budget-friendly is always nice.

As with any countertop, you have options. From butcherblock to marble, concrete to granite, the possibilities are truly endless. However, for most families, your budget plays a significant role in determining which direction you’ll go. And, as you can probably guess where this is going, granite is one of the most affordable options providing some of the most tremendous benefits. Sure, the waterfall design is a bit more expensive than a traditional edged countertop, but you may be surprised at the cost when compared to other natural stone countertops.

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You have options.

One of the most beloved aspects of opting for granite countertops is the myriad of options it provides. With endless colors and textures, you can rest assured your result will be unique. Furthermore, with so many choices, you are also ensured a unique option unlike ones you have seen elsewhere.



If you are in the market for granite countertops, rely on a team you can trust, ItalMarble. With decades of experience, our professionals will help you create the perfect solution that provides durability with affordability and jaw-dropping effects!

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