While trendy isn’t for every home or business, for some, it is precisely what you need. So, when it comes to the trendiest updates in MA, countertops are one of the best ways to give your atmosphere a fresh new look. And this year, black is the way to go, especially if you are craving a dramatic flair.

No matter what the space at hand is – a residential kitchen or the most elegant restaurant in the city – black countertops will quickly transform an outdated, bland space into one that makes a statement. From quartzite countertops to granite, at ItalMarble, we have the expertise, inventory, and skill your kitchen or bar area deserves.


Is natural stone the best choice for black MA countertops?

With various options on the market, choosing the best material for your new countertops can prove overwhelming. However, when considering all of the factors, one will quickly realize that natural stones make the cut when it comes to needs and requirements.

For instance, one of the most significant factors for many is durability. Often, countertops are among the most used elements, especially if you’re upgrading your restaurant’s bar top. Having a surface that is resistant to heat and can handle high-traffic use without the fear of discoloration or chipping is a must. Stones like granite, quartzite, and travertine provide these properties while offering a wide range of colors and patterns for a unique look.

While granite is a customer favorite, black marble is a strong runner for high-end kitchens and restaurants. However, one will need to consider maintenance requirements as marble requires more frequent sealing to maintain it’s natural beauty.


Will black countertops enclose a room?

One of the most common concerns regarding darker colors is they make the room seem smaller. While this is true for other features, such as wall paint, a dark countertop works in the opposite way. The countertops may be the focus of the room, but they are one element of many. Thus, one is awarded the opportunity to brighten the space through backsplashes, lighting effects, window treatments, cabinet or shelving color, and seating selection.

So while many are hesitant to incorporate black into their design, we dare you to feel the drama! With the help of expert designers and decorators, you can have peace of mind. No matter if you are designing a commercial or residential space, black countertops create an ultra-modern look with a touch of elegance.


At ItalMarble, we have the most extensive inventory of MA countertops for every space, every design, and every décor. From rare onyx to the every-popular granite, our team brings visions to life while ensuring the demands of your space are met.

For more information on how ItalMarble can assist with your countertops, contact us today at (781) 595-4859.

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