Tile Flooring: Everything You Need To Know

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When it comes to redesigning your home, there are several things you can tackle to quickly enhance and upgrade the appearance. For example, when you think of kitchen remodeling, most people go directly to the countertops, cabinetry, and appliances. While these elements will surely accomplish the goal at hand, when you add tile flooring to the equation, you then have a complete makeover.

At ItalMarble, we love makeovers. And, we love being part of home remodeling at the most luxurious levels. Here, we are taking you inside the world of floor tiles, wall tiles, and how our highly experienced team can help transform your home to awe-inspiring levels.


Marble tile flooring.

Dating back to Egyptian times, floor tiles have been around for centuries. Given the extensive past, it’s no surprise that when homeowners consider tiles, they tend to gravitate towards traditional materials like ceramic, porcelain, and stone. While natural stone, like marble, may be a bit pricier, it is undoubtedly worth the investment.

As one of the most elegant tile choices, marble tile flooring also quickly increases the value of your home. The natural properties of the stone are reflective, bringing light and illumination to even the darkest areas. And in today’s real estate market, one can imagine the return on such an investment.

Beyond the translucent qualities of the stone, marble also provides some of the highest durability and hardness levels. Thus homeowners have peace of mind in high-traffic or highly used areas. If that is not enough, marble flooring, believe it or not, is generally easier to clean than other materials.


Options for days.

Beyond marble flooring, there are many other options, as mentioned. Ceramic, porcelain, and granite being next in line for the most popular and cost-effective solutions. Ceramic tile offers homeowners the highest levels of versatility for a wide array of projects ranging from bathroom walls to front entrance floors. Compared to wood flooring and carpets, ceramic flooring provides a significant amount of protection against staining. Similarly, porcelain tile is very close to ceramic but contains higher ratios of silica and quartz. 

As the number one alternative to marble, granite flooring provides a natural stone appearance with a much more extensive range of color and pattern options. Significantly harder than marble flooring, granite is less prone to chipping and resilient to most stains.


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Overlooking your walls could be a costly mistake.

While our team at ItalMarble encourages tile flooring in any home, it’s also essential to consider the aesthetics of your walls. In many cases, our designers will incorporate your floor tile into elements of your wall for a seamless aesthetic. Depending on the tile chosen and the space at hand, wall tiles can be used as a small design element or the room focus.


At ItalMarble, we are a team of experienced, dedicated professionals that excel in tile flooring, countertops, and so much more. From marble to granite, onyx to limestone, there really isn’t much we can’t handle. Please contact us to schedule your consultation and explore the world of possibilities.




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