When upgrading your countertops, whether it’s a residential kitchen or commercial bar top, edging is an important choice. While not all cuts are ideal for all materials, granite and quartz countertops tend to share many similarities. Because of the common traits, edging choices are often the same for both materials. However, knowing what edging type will suit the needs aesthetically and functionally can be overwhelming.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the most common types of edging when upgrading to granite or quartz countertops.


If budgeting is a concern, bullnose edging is your answer. However, don’t confuse cost-effective with lesser aesthetic value. Bullnose is one of the most common and popular choices among homeowners. Bullnose edging is a timeless classic that provides a clean and inviting appearance perfect for kitchen and bathroom remodels. 

Furthermore, a full bullnose is an entirely rounded edge that provides your countertops with a thinner look and feel. This is a perfect solution in smaller areas that can’t afford the visual appearance of large natural stone. If your space is larger, you may consider a half bullnose. This option provides the same round corner but is connected to a straight bottom – similar to the half beveled edge that we’ll touch upon later in the article.

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Half Bullnose


Okay, we won’t keep you waiting. Let’s take a look at beveled edging. However, to simply say beveled entails a significant category of options. The first of those options fall within the chosen radius of your edge. For instance, your edge could be created at ¼ of an inch, or 3/8 of an inch, the choice is up to the owner.

But, the choices don’t stop at radius selection. Now, you’re now faced with options such as half bevel and double bevel. Both of these options are considered a premium cut and add flair to your quartz countertops without being too flashy (if there’s such a thing). These subtle designs are elegant choices with reflective properties to make a more significant statement than a traditional beveled edge.


A contradiction to itself, straight edging is anything but. A well-crafted straight edge is slightly rounded, but not enough to distract from the “straight.” By creating a slight curve, you’re not only keeping the safety of guests at the forefront but also reducing the risk of damage to the countertop. Straight edges are a simple, yet beautiful additional which blends seamlessly into any décor.

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Another premium cut that is quite popular is referred to as an ogee edge.  This edging fits well with traditional kitchens and restaurants by providing a sophisticated aesthetic with its flowing angles.  When you think of ogee, think of the flow created by the letter s.

With several options to choose from, the above mentioned are an excellent starting point for your granite and quartz countertops. However, if you’re still undecided, it’s time to schedule your private consultation with our experts at ItalMarble.

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