Start Prepping Your Outdoor Kitchen For Winter


As winter approaches here in New England, homeowners have to take the time to winterize aspects of their homes. Just like taking care of your pool or motorcycle, you should also focus on prepping your outdoor kitchen sinks and countertops! After all, there’s nothing more special than being able to spend time in your space socializing with family and friends. If you’ve spent a lot of time planning and investing in your outdoor kitchen and area, you should protect it from the harsh winter weather!

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Preparing your outdoor space


Winterizing your outdoor kitchen with standard maintenance routines will ensure that the kitchen sinks, countertops, and other furniture will be protected. If you live in a region that commonly sees rough, cold winters, it’s time to get started! This way, you won’t need to worry about cracked pipes or worn shine once spring rolls back around. Let’s go over what you need to know about prepping for winter.


Drain water from the pipes


Once the temperatures start to drop, your biggest concern should be removing water from the pipes to prevent cracks or bursts. Especially because broken pipes can lead to your kitchen becoming unusable! So, make sure to turn off the main water supply leading to the outdoor kitchen sinks before the first snow hits. Then, empty all of the water lines that lead to appliances and drains.

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Check the outdoor fridge


Not every outdoor kitchen has a fridge, but if yours does, make sure to empty and clean it before the cold weather hits! Following the next few steps will keep your fridge from filling up with moisture or mildew from being closed up for months. So first, remove all products from the refrigerator and unplug them. Then, clean and dry it using water and soap. Lastly, leave it just slightly open and place a box of baking soda to absorb moisture and unwanted odors.


Last steps for kitchen sinks and countertops


If possible, use a sturdy cover to protect countertops and sinks to prevent debris and snow from scratching the surface! It’ll also keep them clean and waiting for spring to come around.


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