Your fireplace is a statement piece. As the center of the room, a fireplace is an element of attention and brings character.  So, how you choose to accent this element affects the integrity of the atmosphere as a whole. Whether residential or commercial, fireplace surrounds provide a wide range of options, and choosing the right material may seem overwhelming.

At ItalMarble, we’re committed to providing the highest level of customer experience.  In this article, we’re providing you with a brief walk-around a few common selections for fireplace surrounds, why they’re a consideration, and what you need to know about each material.


Tile surrounds is a topic of its own.  With so many different types of tile to choose from, where do you begin?  The answer, with the level of heat-resistance your wall will require. Below is a look at different types of tile and their tolerance.


During the 19th and early 20th centuries, decorative ceramic tile was a prominent choice for surrounds. However, modern design provides us with options that incorporate not only design, but also solid color choice. While ceramic tile is a timeless choice, it does not offer the durability that other options provide.


The natural ability to reflect light sets glass tile apart from all other choices. Stunning and romantic, glass is tolerant to high temperatures. If you’re going for the wow factor, glass tile combined with spotlighting may be the option you seek.


Another showstopper for fireplace surrounds is stone. Providing a natural look and feel, stone is highly resistant to heat and extremely durable.  Furthermore, the variety of stone available opens a whole different pathway of options and aesthetics.

marble fireplace


When it comes to an affordable stone option that provides both rustic and modern appeal, limestone is the winner.  However, this type of material should only be used with electric or gas fireplaces.  Due to the natural softness of the stone, limestone can crack under the high-intensity heat of a wood burning stove.


If you’re looking for a more contemporary and clean vibe, granite is one of the most durable options available.  Beyond the endless options of color and patterns, granite also provides superior heat resistance. Ideal for both gas and wood burning fireplaces, granite is a low-maintenance, solid choice.


Modern, bright, elegant; words to describe a fireplace surrounded by marble. Although it can be used with any type of fireplace, marble requires more maintenance than other types of natural stone.  However, if properly cared for, marble will last a lifetime.

stone fireplace

Once installed, fireplace surrounds become the dominant feature of the room.  A stunning fireplace brings character and sets the tone for the space, so choosing a material that reflects the intended tone is imperative. 

For more information on which type of surround will best suit your overall aesthetics, while performing at optimal levels, contact the experts at ItalMarble.  

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