With the brisk New England air and chilly winds, there is nothing quite like the warmth and ambiance a fire brings. So, with winter knocking at our doors, it’s time to dust the cobwebs off of your fireplace and start preparing! However, if you’re like many people, the thought of being stuck indoors (again) is daunting. This year, more than ever before, calls for change and fireplace surrounds could be exactly what’s in order.

For many, a fireplace is the center of many winter gatherings. With decorated mantles and cozy room décor, a lit fire creates a specific vibe. If you are thinking opposite, or your fireplace is a bit outdated, it’s time to consider a transformation. Natural stone fireplace surrounds quickly create a modern yet elegant statement for residential and commercial settings alike.



As one of the most classic options, marble easily adapts to nearly any atmosphere and style. With a wide selection in white and gray variations, marble also offers hints of color for those looking for a more dramatic result. No matter the choice, a marble surround is resilient to heat and works exceptionally well with gas fireplaces.



While many consider granite the go-to for countertops, it is also the perfect stone for surrounds. With some of the most versatile colors and textures, granite provides a myriad of customization options. From subtle beauty to dramatic visual designs, this stone has something for everyone and every atmosphere.



If old school charm is what you desire, limestone is your answer. With a natural, soft aesthetic, limestone surrounds are luxuriously beautiful in a more subtle way. In regards to durability, limestone surrounds provide superior results with little maintenance required.



Three words: show stopping luxury. However, it doesn’t stop there. Onyx not only provides breathtaking beauty but it also presents designers with a translucent material to further enhance the dramatics. As one of the most unique and rare stones, onyx fireplace surrounds are certainly fit for royalty.


Beauty meets function. Fireplace surrounds are an excellent addition for any environment.


Whether you seek simplicity or floor to ceiling dramatic visual appeal, ItalMarble has your solution. For decades, our team has worked with home and business owners to create superior results in every setting. Don’t wait until the winter blues set in, contact our team today to learn more about fireplace surrounds that provide the change you seek!

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