They say kitchens and bathrooms can sell a home. So, it’s no wonder that bathroom redesigns are one of the most popular projects among homeowners. However, what many don’t realize going into the renovation are the decisions that will have to be made. While some of the choices are easy ones, others can prove more challenging. For example, selecting the best materials for bathroom vanities can be overwhelming without the right resources and knowledge.

While most of the choice is preference, there are several other factors to consider. Here, we’re presenting those factors against some of the most common countertop materials.

bathroom vanities


As one of the most popular consumer choices for natural stone, granite is always a strong consideration with bathroom vanities. Beyond its superior durability against scratches and abrasions, fairly low maintenance requirements, and affordability, granite also provides ample opportunity to let your taste shine. With endless patterns and colors, finding a unique slab to fit seamlessly with your home is never an issue.



If timeless luxury is what you seek, you may want to consider marble countertops. The intricate veins provide an attention-grabbing solution in any bathroom. However, marble countertops are porous and softer in comparison to quartz. Because of these properties, you can expect a higher amount of maintenance and care to keep your bathroom vanities in tip-top shape.

bathroom vanities


As a man-made material, quartz often mimics marble, but with higher consistencies in pattern and color. Another benefit of choosing quartz is that you can forget about any sealing requirements. In recent testing by Consumer Reports, quartz countertops aced the tests in abrasion and heat-resistance.



Elegant yet delicate, travertine countertops help brighten rooms while providing some of the highest durability levels and most affordable pricing. Further, this material is known for absorbing water and moisture, making them an excellent choice for bathrooms. Travertine does require sealing and is easily scratched. So, with desirable benefits, this may not be the best option for high-traffic bathrooms.


When it comes to bathroom vanities, there is an option for every home and every situation. Take the time to access your requirements and consider the traffic and usage. Once those elements are determined, choosing the material should be much easier!

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