In partnership with some of the finest architects and designers in the Boston area, the team at ItalMarble will help turn your most exquisite dreams into real-life spaces. Every project begins with carefully listening to our client’s needs and noting the smallest of details. From there, our passion takes over.


The journey begins with research.

After meeting with our clients and understanding the ultimate goal, research begins. The job of our architects and designers is to provide an exceptional product while honoring the environment in which it is built. This philosophy holds true, especially in historical buildings.

Taking the time to understand the history, the area, and the ultimate aesthetic goal is at the forefront of every unique solution created.


Residential kitchen trends for 2021.


In most homes, the kitchen is the focal point, the place where friends and family gather. Thus, when planning a kitchen remodel, accounting for the social dynamics of today’s world is crucial. Not only do you want a modern design, but one that is functional and inviting. With these items in mind, some of the hottest trends are surfacing for 2021 –


  • Smart Kitchens

We’ve all heard of smartphones, smart homes, but how about smart kitchens? Perfect for the busy household, kitchen technologies are simplifying life. From refrigerators that provide note-taking capabilities to app-based lighting controls, the possibilities seem endless.

  • Streamlined Materials and Textures

Simple is in. Modern, clean lines with unified texture through materials that provide the ultimate durability with little to no maintenance is, without question, the newest trend. And, we have to admit, we’re surprised this one didn’t catch on a bit sooner!


  • Quartz is the new granite.

While granite will be around forever, homeowners are beginning to see the natural beauty of quartz countertops. This stone provides superior durability with little required maintenance. Further, quartz offers a wide variety of colors and textures, allowing it to fit seamlessly into nearly any kitchen.


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Whether a modest residential project or an extensive upscale commercial renovation, clear communication with a commitment to quality builds the foundation of every relationship. The architects and designers of ItalMarble are fueled by the same passions, along with extensive industry experience and some of the highest honors given.  When you call ItalMarble, you can expect only the best, most unique solution that is sure to exceed your highest expectations.


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